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Why Do An Asbestos Survey

Having an office in one of those old-timer buildings can be quite a pleasure. The architecture is way different from what you see now and the space is so much better. There is also something so ethnic about the kind of materials and finishes that were used in the making of old buildings. However, one issue that constantly crops up with such buildings is the presence of asbestos. It used to be an integral part of construction back in the day.

Research has proven that repeated exposure to asbestos can lead to fatal illnesses such as mesothelioma. This is a relatively rare form of cancer and is one of the primary results of repeated exposure to asbestos. Research has shown that by the time we hit 2055, a sizable number of people will have succumbed to this illness that is caused by asbestos. There are several rules that have now mandated that old buildings be surveyed by a specialist for the presence of asbestos. You will have to hire a recognized asbestos consultant and have them come over and scrutinize your premises.

What you can expect from this survey is that it will be conducted when there are no or few people on the premises. This is to lower the chances of sudden exposure. Every nook and corner of the building, visible or relatively hidden will be examined for asbestos. Should there be a presence, the surveyor will note down the amount and the condition of the asbestos. The more it deteriorates, the more dangerous is exposure to it. Once this is done, you will be given a detailed report on it and the measures you can take to have it removed.

There are a few cases where removal of the asbestos may not be possible as it is an important part of the construction and can result in weakening of the structure. In such cases it is treated by specialists and you will need to keep a constant watch on it to determine its state. Any undue changes and you will have to report it in.

As a business owner, it is especially important that you do everything in your power to ensure that your employees are safe when they are working on your premises. Should there be any renovation work going on, the chances of sudden exposure are much higher if you have not yet done your survey. Repeating the survey as and when need would be a good idea, especially if you do not have any means of getting rid of asbestos.

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